Define your 2021 Goals: 13 Tips to Conquer your Dreams

Define your 2021 Goals: Planning your 2021 goals correctly can help you achieve your dreams and achieve better results. Check out our tips!

If you are reading this post, it is probably because you want to plan your goals for 2021 and achieve all your goals. Planning and counseling are the key to having a successful year.

Perhaps now, you are thinking of turning the page and starting a new one. But do not forget that despite the fact that 2020 has been a very challenging year, and with a lot of adaptation in all aspects and segments, new opportunities have opened and will continue to open.

Therefore, to enter with the right foot and tread firmly you just have to plan carefully. And it was for this reason that we are listing 13 tips that will be your allies during this Define your 2021 Goals. Here they are! You can also read the best job idea on News PK Jobs website .


1. Make a retrospective of the year that has already passed

What did the past year leave me? Have I had enough time to think about myself and my surroundings? Have I learned any new ones? By answering these and other self-questions, you will find answers so as not to put aside these experiences for 2021.

That is why it is necessary to make a brief retrospective of last year. Think for 5 minutes about everything that happened in 2020. What lessons have you got from all that?

Write them down on a piece of paper and take them into consideration when defining your goals for 2021. Maybe some of the goals that you set for yourself in 2020 and did not reach them can be considered for 2021?

Another advantage of looking back at the past year is that it is possible to replicate what has worked and avoid what did not go as planned. Thus, you will have more opportunities to achieve your dreams.


2. Define opportunities for 2021

When identifying opportunities for 2021, you need to be aware of reality. It is important to start from the situation in which you find yourself.

What is your job? When reading information about your market niche , are there opportunities that can be exploited and exploited? What has worked well in 2020 and can it be enhanced for next year?

What would be the advantage of starting with a goal that is not applicable to your market or that is not compatible with the opportunities you can find in it?

Better understand your reality and be the protagonist of your moment.


3. Work on self-knowledge

It is obvious that each individual has their own qualities and characteristics, isn’t it? Each person has their own taste, abilities and limitations.

In the meantime, we cannot ignore the following fact: that over time we change a lot, due to genetic or acquired factors. This is one reason why we acquired many new features and stopped having more that were left behind with the passage of time.

In addition to this, as the years go by, our resistance to changes increases, since we prefer a more stable life. It also increases our consciousness, which makes us very afraid and makes us more indecisive when making decisions, especially those that are responsible for drastic changes in our lives.

All this is natural, but never lose motivation, to seek what has always been awake in you and carry it out.

Organize a list with positive and negative points of your personality . And that is why I share with you the video that Edgar our Customer Success Consultant gives us that gives us 10 tips to stay motivated.


4. List all possibilities and options for 2021

Identifying the possibilities for the 2021 goals means looking at all the opportunities, always thinking about their characteristics defined during the self-knowledge stage.

This is very important, because sometimes we really want to achieve a goal. Only this may be unfeasible for our current reality.

Perhaps there is not much demand for this goal or you do not have enough money to invest and the necessary resources. Or the project does not fit your profile.

Think carefully about your possibilities and prioritize your tasks efficiently when defining goals for 2021.


5. Follow the news and trends of your market

We know that the market is constantly changing. New demands emerge, some business models have become outdated , while other niches are saturated.

As we talked about before, the needs and tastes of people change over time, even when we talk about the Millennial generation , which is the technology generation.

Think about the latest trends in your market, about all the opportunities that 2020 has given to go offline and migrate online. Also in the plans that you want to carry out in 2021 so that they are in tune with these trends.

All of this increases your chances of achieving the maximum possible of your goals over the course of the year.


6. Turn your ideas into SMART goals

There is a very important factor that can help you when fulfilling your plans: every objective must have specific characteristics that help to achieve it.

This explains why we sometimes fail to achieve our goals. The objective itself may have some problems, such as insufficient time, lack of resources or simply because the objective is very far from the reality of the entrepreneur .

To prevent this from happening, every goal needs to be SMART:


This needs to be specific and, of course, indicate a well-defined thing and not be confused with another;

Your goal needs to be measurable so that you can follow it;

It must be achievable , that is, possible to be done;

It also needs to be relevant and bring some benefit to you or your business;

Finally, it is important to define a deadline for the objective to be met, which means that it must be temporary .

Taking all these points into consideration when defining goals for 2021, you will have a much clearer vision from now on.


7. Define your KPIs

For you to start working on each of your goals, it is essential to define the actions and activities that will be necessary to achieve them.

These actions are called Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) , or key performance indicators.

In other words, this means that you will need to break your goal down into smaller actions, each with a lead time. In this way, it will be possible to work with much more organization.


8. Gather objectives and indicators in a single worksheet

After defining your KPIs, you will be on the right track. Meanwhile, in front of a hectic routine, it is very likely that you forget to track some metrics.

To prevent this from happening, we recommend creating a table with all your goals in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. This worksheet can be divided into months, so that you can track your goals throughout the year.

This table helps you have a more general vision of your goals for 2021, even allowing you to work with two or three goals per month.


9. Set realistic deadlines for each action

We talked about this at the beginning of the text, but it is important to reinforce: stipulating deadlines for each task is very important to maintain organization and control activities.

Therefore, define a completion deadline for each task. Try to include these dates in the goals sheet that you are going to create. This makes it easier to make any type of change or alteration in your planning .


10. Share your planning with people you trust

As used as this tip may seem to you, it has a huge impact on your motivation and enthusiasm for reaching your 2021 goals.

Seek to share your dreams and plans with someone you trust, like a friend or family member. Thus, you will feel more motivated to continue working on your plans, since every time you meet this person, they will likely ask you about your goals.

In addition to this, telling our dreams and plans for others generates empathy and stimulates emotional intelligence .


11. Take advantage of the opinion of people of your social coexistence

The human being is sociable by nature and the social environment ends up having a positive impact on the knowledge storage process.

Living with other people helps us feel more encouraged and motivated, in addition to promoting learning. This is why we recommend that you ask for advice or feedback from someone you trust.

Hearing different opinions can reveal things that you didn’t think about yourself or that went unnoticed during planning.


12. Be flexible and resilient throughout the year

The next few days bring various challenges and unforeseen events. Some will be very difficult and will require you to think carefully before making any decisions.

In addition to this, some challenges can make you think about giving up some dreams and goals.

For this reason, do not let this influence you negatively. Be firm and try to overcome your limiting beliefs .

It also seeks to be flexible and adapt more easily to changes. Understand that the business world is constantly changing and it is necessary to be prepared to face new situations.

Try to take these two characteristics into consideration when defining your goals for 2021.


13. Don’t forget to review and track your goals

Last but not least, frequently review the goals and KPIs you have chosen. This is very important to evaluate your performance and have useful insights.

Take this assessment once a month or twice a semester. This makes it easier to discover what was successful and what was not helpful to avoid in the coming months.


Are you ready to Define your 2021 Goals ?

Having dreams at the beginning of the year is important. However, starting the year with optimal planning is essential so that you can implement everything you have planned!

After reading our post, you will surely be well prepared to plan and meet your goals for 2021. And to make the most of this year, be sure to read our tips to be more productive .

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