Daily Need of Calories for Human Body

Eating healthy and nutritious food is essential for everyone. Neglecting the diet or overeating can damage the body shape. The human body demands vital nutrients for its proper functioning. The better functionality of the body ensures energy in humans to perform their routine tasks actively. Lifestyle is dependent primarily on diet and exercise. The balance is quite necessary for relishing excellent outcomes. A calorie calculator is a digital tool that can help the person access the required calories for a day. One of the most troublesome issues with which many individuals have to fight is none other than weight. Females and even males and kids also have to strive hard to gain their desired weight.

How many calories do I need?

The ideal calorie consumption can be estimated through the calorie balance. The calorie consumption and the calorie expenditure are the two fundamental parts of it. If a person is overweight and needs to reduce weight, calorie consumption needs to be lower than the expenditure. On the other hand, calorie expenditure needs to be high than the consumption for weight gain goal. So estimate this calorie change through a calorie calculator.

Factors affecting caloric need:

Many factors affect the calorie needs of the person. Have a look at these to have a better understanding:

  • Age – the children have high energy requirements to optimize their growth and development. It is their age of growing, so they need more calorie and nutrient-dense food. Older people need to lessen their calorie intake as they only need maintenance.
  • Gender – the males require more energy than the females due to high body demands and increase physical activity. A calorie calculator determines the calories of a person according to their gender.
  • Physical activity – the body demands of a physically active person are relatively more than a sluggish person as they expend more energy.
  • Special conditions – if a person is ill, then he needs more energy to recover. Similarly, a pregnant woman has high caloric requirement than other women due to the baby’s additional condition.
  • High and body frame – a person of the same age can have different caloric needs due to height variation. The body frames are small, medium, and large that have an impact on caloric needs.

How to find the daily need for calories?

Both excess or fewer calories contribute to health issues. The imbalance of the calories intakes leads to malnutrition. A calorie calculator is the fastest way to find the ideal caloric needs to get an idea of how many calories he needs to add or subtract from the usual intake. Following are the two popular ways of finding the daily need of calories:

Harris-Benedict equation:

Harris-Benedict equation is the most commonly used equation for the estimation of calories. This equation provides quite a fair assessment as it involves gender, age, and height in consideration.

For men:

BMR = 66.5 + ( 13.75 × weight (kg) ) + ( 5.003 × height (cm) ) – ( 6.755 × age (years) )

For women:

BMR = 655 + ( 9.563 × weight (kg) ) + ( 1.850 × height (cm) ) – ( 4.676 × age (years) )

The Harris-Benedict equation provides the result in BMR (basal metabolic rate). For accuracy, it needs to be multiplied with the physical activity factor. It is a manual way of calculating that takes time and can be confusing if the units are not followed accordingly.

Calorie calculator:

A calorie calculator is a digital approach that guides all human beings who wish to track their calories. Achieving the goals and monitoring the performance over time would be a motivation. After getting to know about the total number of calories, move to the next step, proportionality for the carbs, protein, and fats. On average, the calories for adult men and women should range between 2k – 3k and 1600 – 2400, respectively, for each day.

It is the right approach that helps humans to calculate their consumed calories. Excessive calorie consumption is widespread in people, especially when they are combating stress or having cravings. In contrast, many of the individual skip eating their meals during stress, exams or puberty. It leads to a calorie deficit. It acts as a calorie deficit calculator or calorie intake calculator.



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