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UV Protection: What it is, and Why Your Florida Home Should Have Solar Shades


Many Floridians learn about the negative effects of the sun from a young time. While you may already know to wear sunblock, use sunblock, or stay in shade when on the beach with your family, the sun can also have a negative effect on your health.

Even worse, UV rays can damage your skin from your roller shades for windows. It can also cause permanent damage to your furniture and increase your electricity bills. Let’s find out more about the UV light power to emphasize the importance of solar protection for your Florida house.


What exactly is UV Light and how can it help you?


UV stands for ultraviolet light. It is the radiation that causes our summer tans. The American Cancer Society confirms that while it can give the skin a warm glow, there are not safe UV rays. UVA, UVB and UVC both damage the DNA of genes controlling skin cell growth. People who are subject to high UV rays are at higher risk of getting skin cancer.

roller shades for windows

Although sun exposure can have positive effects like vitamin D production, mood improvement, and general health benefits, filtering out UV rays can prevent you from suffering the negative effects. Floridians who get more than 200 hours of sun per year and who frequently experience high UV indexes should make UV protection a priority.


Are the Rays Really as Strong Inside?


Though you may think that UV exposure is limited indoors, this is false. By reflecting off surfaces such as water or sand, pavement or grass, UV rays from the sun can penetrate your roller shades for windows.

Some windows are energy-efficient and can block sunrays by up to 40%-50%. However you can still protect your windows by installing window treatments.


Solar Shades or Blinds Are Essential for Your Home

When completely closed, specialized solar shades can block up 99% UV rays. Even translucent fabrics are capable of blocking at least 75% UV rays. The perfect solar blind should be able diffuse harsh sunlight and brighten your space while reducing the need to use interior lights.


Many sun shades or blinds offer a variety in “openness factor” and degree of reflectivity by fabric. These options include brightness control and glare control.

Your home could be losing up to 50% of its heating and cooling power if you do not protect your roller shades for windows with the proper treatments. Advanced solar shading technology can keep harmful UV rays out of your home while filtering sunlight in. This can reduce the need to light interior spaces and thus cut down on electricity.


You can save even more on your heating bills by actively managing your window treatments. According to US Department of Energy estimates, closing your blinds on a Florida summer day could save you as much as 15% in cooling costs.

For the environmentally-conscious homeowner, there are a number of products out there which are made from recycled materials, as well as biodegradable options to know that once they’re retired, the shades or blinds will naturally decompose.


How to preserve your investments

UV rays can cause skin cancer in your family, and they can also cause damage to your personal possessions. Excessive UV exposure can cause flooring, chairs and photos to fade, as well as unique art pieces and family photos. This is especially true if you are in Florida. How can you protect the furnishings in your home from the damaging UV rays?

Low quality or inexpensive solar shades are also at risk. These can easily fade after just a few months of sunlight damage, and cause a shabby aesthetic to your home. To prolong the life expectancy of your valuable possessions make sure that you are investing in high-quality window treatments like these shutters or blinds.


This Could Be Your Answer

The right roller or solar shade can improve lighting control and provide UV protection. Hunter Douglas’ energy-efficient honeycomb shades reduce energy consumption and lower your electric bill. Discover why honeycomb window shades are too good to pass up.


Even if you buy blinds or sun-blocking shades for your windows, they won’t work if you leave them open. Think about the simple benefits of automating your window treatments. They can be programmed in order to open and close as you like, keeping your home safe from the sun’s harmful rays. Find out eight great benefits of motorized blinds.

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