Common Myths About Dental Implants

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If you visited a dental clinic in Dubai and your dentist advised you to get a dental implant, it might be the best alternative for you. It is an artificial replacement for a missing natural tooth or root.

Dental implants are more comfortable than dentures, offering you increased stability for speaking and chewing comfortably. Getting dental implants also helps in restoring your facial appearance as tooth loss makes the cheeks sink inwards.

This procedure has become quite popular in the last decade or so, but even now, many are hesitant in opting for this due to a handful of myths. Today, we are going to debunk some of them so you can make an informed decision. So, let’s start:

Myth #1: Dental Implants are Noticeable

This is not true. Dental implants are made to match your real teeth. Apart from you, an onlooker would never know that you have a dental implant. It is undetectable to others. Unless you tell someone yourself, they would never know that you have a dental implant.

Myth # 2: Dental Implants are Always the Best Solution

Although dental implants are a great replacement for teeth for most, not all patients can benefit from dental implants. The main prerequisite for getting dental implants that makes you an ideal candidate is having sufficient healthy bone to embed the implant into. In some cases, a bone graft can help improve the quality of the jawbone so a dental implant can be placed.

Myth # 3: Dental Implants are Uncomfortable

Many people tend to avoid dental implants because they think or have heard that they are painful. In reality, patients report the procedure to be less painful than they thought. Local anesthesia prevents you from feeling any pain. For reducing discomfort, nitrous oxide can be used. 

Myth # 4: Dental Implants are Covered by Dental Insurance

Sometimes, dental implants are done for cosmetic purposes as well. That’s why some think of them to be cosmetic dentistry or above the annual maximum for coverage. However, many dental insurance companies are now offering coverage for dental implants. But a waiting period applies.

Myth # 5: Dental Implants Can Only Replace one Tooth

For those missing a single tooth, dental implants are an excellent choice. But those with multiple teeth missing can use implant-supported dentures and similar aids so patients can replace lost teeth with implants. Implant-supported dentures are stable and shift a lot less than regular dentures.

Myth # 6: Getting Implants is a Long Procedure

This is not true. Sure, the process of placing dental implants takes time. However, there are some cases and clinics where you can get dental implants in a day. But if your case is severe, there is not enough jaw bone left, then you may need one to two appointments with your dentist and the oral surgeon. After the procedure of dental implant placement is complete, a dental crown shall be fixed on top once you have healed.

Although it is always wise to keep your natural tooth over a dental implant, in severe cases of dental decay or trauma, it is not possible to save the tooth. So, getting dental implants in Dubai could be your best bet for dental restoration.

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