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How to Install Cellular Shades Without Effort

You might be nervous about installing blinds in a new home. With the right tools and knowledge, putting up shades can be much simpler than you might imagine. This guide will explain how to set up cellular blinds.


What are Cellular Shades?

Cheap cordless cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, look similar to pleated shades but have two layers. These layers are linked at many points along each blind, creating tubes full of air.


All cellular blinds (including cordless cellular shades) provide exceptional insulation. These blinds are great for homes in hot or cold climates. This is very important for your comfort as well as your utility bills.


Tools You Will Want

The installation of cellular shades requires only a few tools and is quite simple. Before you get started, be sure to review the instructions for your specific shades. It is important to keep all tools handy for a simple, quick and foolproof installation.


Like any other type of construction, it is best to first unpack your blinds and all mounting hardware. You can check the instruction manual to see if you have all the materials needed to install blinds. So you can quickly locate the right tools and mounting hardware you need, you don’t have to waste time.

Cellular blinds come in two options. They can be mounted on the inside and outside of a glass frame. Each style has distinct advantages which are worth considering when choosing the best shade for you. Interior mount Cheap cordless cellular shades can be placed inside the frame of the windows and offer a more pleasing aesthetic than exterior mount shades.

Inside mount shades let in more sunlight, so they may be more appropriate if you need blinds for bedroom windows. Measure the size of your window before ordering your cellular shades. If you’re ordering an inside mount shade, measure how wide your window is at the top and center. Then, choose the narrowest number to place your order.

Measure outside mount Cheap cordless cellular shades approximately three inches above the sill and window to get the best fit.

Your mounting brackets should be placed correctly to avoid having a misaligned blind. For inside mount blind brackets: Measure two and a quarter inches on either side of the window opening. With a pencil, mark the line using a steel measuring pen.

To install outside mounted shades, place them on the wall above the window surround. Mark where the brackets will be placed with your pencil. Again, mark approximately two-and a half inches to each side of blind.


Mounting brackets attached

Depending upon the type of cellular blind that you have, you may need to screw the brackets directly into your wall or window surround. It is easier to do this by simply using a pencil and marking the places where the screws will go.

After drilling your starter holes make sure you fasten the screws. Installing directly into drywall with no studs is possible. However, you need to use drywall anchors to prevent the wall from crumbling around the screw. For a secure fit, blinds with wider windows might come with two brackets.


Fit Your Headrail

The hard part of the job is finished once your brackets are secured. Attaching the headrail to both the outside and interior cellular blinds is easy. It is as easy as hooking them on the brackets. Then push them up and they will snap into place.


Test Your Shades

After installing your cell blinds, you will need to test their ability to raise and lower them easily. Each shade should be adjusted slowly, paying particular attention to their movement.

If the brackets are not running smoothly, they may not be level. The blind strings could also be having problems. They might have been damaged during installation. You can refer to the instructions manual provided by the manufacturer for help in fixing blind strings.


Do Not Be Afraid to Install Cellular Shades

Cellular blinds make a great addition to any home. Once you learn how to install them easily and know their benefits you’ll want to have them on every window.

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