Pros and Cons of carnivore diet You Must Know

Pros and Cons of carnivore diet You Must Know

Carnivore diet is a pure meat diet. People found on such a diet do not include any vegetable or plant diet in their diet. Even their breakfast has meat ingredients in the form of some beef or chicken parts. However, they use coffee or tea with breakfast, but their main diet is always meat.

Carnivore diet does not distinguish between chicken or pork or beef. They just prefer meat, liver or kidney of animals, bone or without bone meat.  Nuts, green vegetables, plant based diet, fruit and other vegan diet parts are totally off limits.

However opponents are of view that this types of diet increases several health problems including heart issue and cholesterol formation in arteries.

The best conclusion emerges when both pros and cons of a non vegetarian diet is taken into account. Let us stud both pros and cons of the carnivore diet.


The vital nutrients that help us in many functions come from meat. The proponents say that meat offers vital nutrients like vitamin B, A, amino acid, iron, zinc, and several minerals.

Meat is one of the richest sources of protein. People engaged in intense physical activities get the protein from beef, which for some is the cheapest source of the protein.

People who depend on meat only diet report several benefits. These include reduction of autoimmune conditions, pain loss, weight loss, improved cognition, less bloating and digestive symptoms, and relief from inflammation in some cases.

The people who take dairy products or legumes often face problems of bloating, acidity, and inflammation. This is probably one reason why people get relief when switching from dairy products to a meat based diet.

Relief from autoimmune disease

Certain vegetables have lectins which aggravates chronic pain symptoms in many people. People get a huge relief when they eat meat. Some people react adversely to plant based food and lectins.

Nutrients in meat come in form we can absorb

Human digestive system, says supporters of meat, can easily absorb the minerals, vitamins and proteins that animal meat provides. Its protein has all the amino acids that our body needs for daily survival.

The plant nutrients need conversion in our body before we can absorb them. And, many people do not have that capacity to absorb the plant nutrients sufficiently.

Some nutrients such as vitamin B 12 occur only in animal meat. Or, you need supplements to fill the gap.  Vitamin B 12 also plays a role in improving erectile dysfunction in males.  It is a condition which forces males to use Tadalafil 60 mg online to overcome severe erection issue.


People with an all meat diet have a tendency to gain weight and develop cardiovascular diseases. Heart issues are more observed in meat eaters than in people with plant based diets.

Excess protein from meat cannot be used by the body if a person has a sedentary lifestyle.

Kidney and liver damage

High protein in meat diet damages liver and kidney. The excess protein is broken down into nitrogen molecules and turned into ammonia. It is processed into urea by liver. The kidney finally takes it out as urine. The excess meat consumption puts pressure on our system.

For a man with a sedentary lifestyle, the meat consumption leads to heart issues. The chances of fatty deposits in arteries are higher in non vegetarians. It increases the risk of erection problems which force dependency on Sildenafil citrate 150 mg to overcome erection issues.

Fiber less diet leads to digestion issues

Meat rich diet is a fiber less diet. Fiber is a diet that helps us to take waste from the body and bundle it out easily. Fiber leads to detoxification by removing waste from the body through natural elimination process.

Fiber provides food to bacteria in our gut and helps us to digest the food we eat. The fiber less diet creates digestive problems. Bacteria in the colon start feeding on mucus lining which damages immune function and inflammation.

Chances of cancer increase with grilled meat

Grilled meat is not healthy friendly meat. It forms a chemical that is behind cancer in some people.  The people with a constant grilled meat diet without any trace of vegetables increase their chances of cancer.

The antioxidants that come from vegetables are absent in meat based diets.

Deficiency of vital vitamins

Only meat diet often leads to deficiency of certain vitamins which are not found in meat. These include vitamin C, E, and folate, and some minerals.

So when you are on a carnivore diet you are keeping yourself away from certain vital vitamins for body function. And antioxidants that control free radicals are found only in vegetables.


Instead of getting confused in pros and cons one should go for a balanced diet. If you are non vegetarian, then there is no harm in eating animal meat you prefer in moderation. And a plant based diet is also one of the healthiest diets.

Depending on your age, level of physical activities you do in a day and health factors, decide the diet that is best for your lifestyle. And if still you cannot come to any conclusion, adopt moderation as a principle in eating.



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