Apartments Hunt In Dubai: 5 Commonly Overlooked Considerations

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When it comes to choosing apartments for rent in Dubai, many considerations are often missed or just not taken into account. These include fire safety, energy efficiency, sound control, and security.

Continue reading to learn more about considerations you should be paying heed to:

Fire Safety In Apartments

Your new home, whether it is an apartment or a house, should be safe for you and your family. This is why it is important to find out about the material used in the construction. Ask the landlord about the floor and ceiling and floor construction as well.

A building that doesn’t have sprinklers, concrete floors, and masonry walls provide excellent fire resistance compared to wood framing, no matter how it has been assembled. If there is a fire in masonry and concrete buildings, it can be contained within the apartment in which the fire originated actually. Ask if the smoke detectors are hard-wired.

Energy Efficiency In Apartments

Owing to the harsh desert weather, most of the Dubai properties are built with central air conditioning and heating. A well-designed heat and air conditioning system is superior in quality and performance allowing users with complete control over timing and temperature. Several building owners do all the efforts to reduce the monthly energy costs for themselves and the residents.

Check for insulated windows, energy-efficient light bulbs, and water-saving features in the water fixtures to save on unnecessary energy costs.


Inquire the landlord about the security features that are in place along with the local crime statistics. Ask if the lock gets changed with every tenant. Also, it is important to know that the common doors have automatic door closers and the hallways of the building and exterior parking lots have good lighting.

Some buildings have CCTV cameras and surveillance systems installed as well. They are of great help with theft and burglary. Good precautions can play a crucial role in deterring such criminal activities.

Sound Control

When you are searching for a rental apartment, good sound control should make your list of considerations. You can enjoy a better quality of life as a tenant if the building is built and designed to resist sound transmission – disturbance.

Sound control has two parts. Sounds transmission and impact noises. Sound transmission involves TVs, loud conversations while the latter means the noises that are made by walking, dropping an object, etc.  Your best bet to know about an apartment’s sound control is to visit the apartment for viewing during the weekend and ask about the floor and wall construction.

Trash Disposal

This aspect is also overlooked quite often. Some buildings have trash handling within buildings. A large chunk handles the trash by the container along with the parking areas. If you see an overflowing trash container, it says a lot about the management of the company. Ensure that the trash containers are placed in an accessible position.

In a nutshell, if you are browsing through Dubai’s real estate market and looking for an apartment, see that you don’t make the mistake of overlooking these considerations. Pay attention to these factors whether you buy a property or plan to rent it.

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