All About Markha Valley Trek

How monotonous is your life? You would be screaming down there for a break. All you need is time, a place and some warm clothes! Because I am here to prove that the snow-capped Rocky Mountains, green meadows, refreshing air are the kind of break you need! Challo on a trek up the Markha Valley.


Markha Valley Trek

The Markha Valley Trek is located between the Zanskar and Ladakh region in the Himalayas. This trek is considered to be one of the most splendid and famous treks in Ladakh. Several high passes including Ganda La at 15748 ft and Kongmaru La at 17,060 ft are visible downstream the Markha River which comes under Hemis National Park. There are many more beyond the Markha Valley Trek. So, who knows, you might even spend three more days in Ladakh to visit the high passes as well! The trial offers an exquisite view of Mt Kang Yatse which is nestled at an elevation of 21,300 ft on its way. 


Day 1 to 3: To Leh and to Skiu

 The city of Leh is positioned at an altitude ranging from 7,545 to 16,404 feet. We are well aware that it’s a popular tourist destination with several attractions. Just by reaching Leh, you would be ready for the trek already! Stay at Skiu overnight the next day and then the journey begins.

 Day 4: Skiu to Sara

The trek initially from Skiu is easy. You have several river crossings to cross and moonlight dinners and refreshments will be served hot to ease your muscles up!

 Day 5: Sara to Markha

With around 20 households, a fort, and a monastery, it is the largest village of the valley. The biggest asset is the villagers though! You would enjoy everything that’s there. You can even view the landscape of ancient farming with many green irrigated fields in the villages.

 Day 6: Markha to Hankar

Crossing Umlung and Kang Yatse, there awaits Hankar. Mind you, you would cross many waist-deep river crossings and climb high rocky canyons. But it will all be worth it by the time you reach the top.

 Day 7: Hankar to Nimaling

The trail towards Nimaling will run through the green meadows and fresh air will ensure peace in you. The last day is the big day. Can you believe crossing the highest pass along the trek to reach Chokdo? Breath-taking views of the Indus valley and the incredible rock formations of Stok la will definitely stay in you forever. 


What to watch out for in Markha Valley Trek?



  1.     Pyramid peak of Kang Yatse

As you trek towards upper Markha valley, climbing up from Umlung, the near-Pyramind peak of Kang Yatse would captivate you. Towering like no other peak around the area, the peak is one of the main to not miss. It would accompany you until you cross the Kongmaru La pass. 

  1.     Villages of Markha Valley

 The mud houses are settled amidst lush green fields and they are immensely a spectacular sight in the middle of the barren peaks of Ladakh. People around there have a distinct Tibetan culture, with a traditional ornamented kitchen set up and Buddhist prayer flags and the environment will fill your heart with harmony and peace. This is undoubtedly a different village experience. You could find village home-stays throughout the trial and no wonder the Markha Trek is a tea-house trek in India.

The distinct feature about the villages of Markha and Hankar is the rarest and striking because the desert mountains guard the precious oasis of green civilization. The contract is absolutely evident. Hankar is more of raw, eternal beauty in the region.

  1.     Kongmaru La

The view from the top of Kongmaru La is the best picture. Lucky if you have a cloudless day. You are promised the first view of the Indus valley and Ladakh ranges. Turn around for another reward, the Kang Yatse. You would be surely stunned by it.

 It is not just the peak of snow-capped mountains that’s jaw-dropping, you can also enjoy the rare sight of high altitude Hemi National wildlife, such as the snow leopard. Ladakh, without question, is the idyllic destination for vacations in India. You got to take a few days off your busy schedule to explore this heaven to find out what more is hidden!


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