All About Chandrashila Chopta Trek


Chandrashila trek located over Uttarakhand is set at an altitude of 13,100 feet whose beauty of ranges will mesmerize you. It is known for Himalaya’s spring color vibrancy where you see the Rhododendrons trees of pink and red which blossoms over summers. It opens up the gallery of snow peaks all the way and when you reach the top of Chandrashila you see the deoriatal lake passing by. Chandrashila trek is the most enchanting place where you get to see the hills, the clouds and the tiny specks of civilization. 

Chandrashila trek is 5 days long trek as you cover the distance of 30 kms which becomes although more exhilarating for you. You see the attractions of birds amteur here with a lot of diversity. Here you will find different species of birds which you cannot find in any other trek. You see Monals, the state bird of Uttarakhand which are prettier than peacocks. The moment you start your trek you come across vivid colours of Rhododendron trees and on some spots you see the mountain section as completely red which will be breathtaking for you. When you reach Mt Chaukhamba it will leave you spell bound to see its beauty as it rises from the edge of the lake and you cannot find this view on any other treks. The climb to Chandrashila summit from Tungnath is a walk where you will come across various mountain ranges of Kedarnath, Mt Jogin, Mt Thalaysagar and most importantly India’s highest mountain range Mt Nanda devi. So get yourself ready to explore the beautiful sights that Chandrashila trek offers. 



Day 01- Haridwar to Sari

You have to reach Haridwar to start your journey to Chandrashila chopta trek. Haridwar Rishikesh from Ganges is one of the famous sites on the pilgrim side of Uttarakhand. You can explore activities at Rishikesh camping and immerse yourself in sports adventures. From this you have to reach Sari village which will take 7-8 hrs. And when reaching there watch the beautiful sights of lower Garhwal Himalayas. 


Day 02- Trek to Deoriatal 

The trek in the beginning is easier because of the low steep ascent. You see the Tungnath temple a speck of colour when you reach Chandrashila trail. There you will experience the first challenge while climbing as there is a steep hill further. Get ready to explore Rhododendron trees and grand sites of Chaukhamba massifs. 


Day 03- Deoria Tal to Baniyakund

Today you will witness Mt kedar summit and the great masses of Chaukhamba. You will find varieties of Rhododendron trees of red and pink scarlet. All through your trek you will find little shrines tied by yellow and red flags. You will ascend towards Rohini Bugyal and Chopta. And there the most waiting Chandrashila site in front of your eyes. You can spot red foxes there and other wild things which will make your journey interesting. Trekking to Kedarnath wildlife sanctuary you will witness Bhagdwal temple. You will gain prominence of Kala Parvat bending to Bisuri Tal lake. 


Day 04- Baniya Kund to Tugnath and then back to Baniya Kund

Have a beautiful sight of Tungnath and experience the sunrise over there. The trail runs from Chopta to the temple. And you will reach the top of Chandrashila peak.  You will find it is connected with the peak of Ravanshila. In winters you may experience snow capped mountains here. Then you will step down to Garhwal Kumaon mountains. You experience notable peaks there which includes Nanda devi, Trishul, Nanda Ghunti and Gangotri ranges. 


Day 05- Baniya Kund to Haridwar 

Take a ride from Chopta road that goes to Haridwar. You will be returning with thousands of memories which will leave you with no regrets. From Haridwar an overnight journey to Delhi would be best.


Best time to visit:

Though it is considered a difficult trek so Chandrashila trek can be done for 6 months in a year. You can trek in spring where you will experience canopy of flowers and autumn where you will see a clear haze of sky and mountain ranges. After December the Chopta peaks receive heavy snowfall and the path is dangerous so the road to Chopta is cut off so try to avoid it during winters. 

So get ready to explore yourself on the Chandrashila trek filled with surprising adventures. 


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