7 Great Map Apps To Travel Safely

There are many travel apps available in the market today. Such apps allow users to reach unknown locations without breaking a sweat. Most of these apps operate on the internet to help users navigate to their destinations comfortably. My experience using Google Maps over Spectrum WiFi plans has been immaculate. However, I have used alternate options as well that are equally good. Read on below to find out more.

Google Maps

Google Maps is an instant favorite of many users worldwide. The real-time data that the app provides makes travel easy, secure, and convenient. Using the real-time GPS-based navigation system, you can plan your route. The app provides multiple route options that you can change mid-course as well in case there’s a traffic issue ahead. Moreover, you can also calculate the ETA depending upon the type of vehicle you’re traveling in!

The app also has an in-built directory of all the local hospitals, restaurants, parks, buildings, and state offices. You can search for whatever you’re looking for in the app. Additionally, you can explore any area in any world location. The app also allows users to use it offline and navigate to destinations without Wi-Fi or data coverage.


Google acquired Waze back in 2013. This application utilizes real-time traffic data to provide users with real-time insights. This means that if there’s an obstruction or an accident in your planned route, the app will notify you and you can change your route to save time. The app is also Apple CarPlay-friendly. This means that you can play music or podcasts on the go as well. This feature comes in really handy. You can keep listening to your favorite music. The app will only pause it when there’s a turn nearby or route information you should not miss out on!

Apple Maps

Apple Maps had quite a bumpy start and received a lot of criticism. But the bugs are gone now and the apps is in use universally. For every turn, Siri will notify you. You can also give voice commands to Siri. The app features interactive 3D maps that you can utilize to take your traveling experience to the next level. Similar to Google Maps, the app provides data on restaurants, hospitals, and schools nearby, etc. Furthermore, the app will remember where you parked your car. Therefore, you can easily get back there with the help of its directions even if you forget.


If you use public transport to travel then Citymapper will empower you greatly. You can check out their real-time data to understand what public vehicle will serve you the best in reaching your destination. The app will also guide you on how you can access a subway car. It will also guide you regarding the ETA.

The app is non-invasive and very easy to use. The user interface is elegant and gives you all the options right in front. You can check out the info on the nearest travel options such as buses, bikes, cars, and scooters, etc. to get to your planned destination. The app comes with support for many cities in the USA, Australia, Europe, South America, and Asia.

Magellan TRX

Well, for starters, this is not a standalone app. In order to use this device, you need to have a Magellan GPS device. Furthermore, this is a travel app for people who’re really into “traveling” and “off-road” exploration. No doubt, this is a great investment for avid travelers. This app comes with data of more than 160,000 pre-loaded trails. The app also features high definition topography and comes with 3D base maps to allow you a better understanding of the terrain.

This app comes with many features to provide you a complete travel experience. The app provides data insights regarding mileage for different road types as well. You can save data for a certain route as well. This was the app for me to find an amazing restaurant that I once caught in a local travel program on my Spectrum TV! If you’re planning a trip join the buzzing community of Magellan users. The community is quite helpful and can aid you in choosing the best route!


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