5 Reasons That Emphasize The Importance of Pre-school Education

Pre-school, or playschool as it is popularly referred to as in India, is a child’s first interaction with the education system. Therefore, they need to be ready for the transition. Many schools start admitting students from the age of 3 years for pre-school education. Educators believe that at this age, a child can fluently communicate and interact with other children. 

The Global Indian International School in Bangalore admits students between 2.5 years to 5 years of age. Although many parents are skeptical about enrolling their children in school at a young age, pre-school education can have long term benefits for the child. 

This post will highlight some of the perks that your child can receive from early education.

1) Preparation for primary education

Pre-school is vital for a child’s transition into primary school. The students learn how to answer and ask questions, raise their hands for a chance to speak, interact with the teachers, and how to take turns. Pre-school teaches the students the importance of routine, which guides the operations in a primary school. GIIS Bangalore introduces the Global Montessori Plus (GMP) curriculum to the students to prepare them for the primary school curriculum, which is more advanced. Playschools in Bangalore, such as the Global Indian International School, incorporate routines to prepare the students.

2) Independence

Children between the ages of 2-5 years are often dependent on their parents and caregivers. They will run to you for all their needs, no matter how small they are. Therefore, enrolling your child in pre-school will train them to be independent. The GMP curriculum is child-led. The students have the freedom to choose the activities they wish to participate in. They follow their own pace and choose their partners. The teachers offer guidance and prepare the activities beforehand to provide more options. The freedom of choice teaches them to be independent thinkers, and they learn how to do things for themselves. They can utilize these skills at home by being less dependent. They learn to eat on their own, tie shoelaces, wear clothes, and do other simple tasks.

3) Enhances social skills

Pre-school is essential in enhancing your child’s social skills. The students interact with their classmates and teachers in class and on the playground. By asking questions, helping their classmates, and working on tasks together, students learn how to socialize. On most occasions, the children enroll in Montessori institutions before they can speak a lot of words or even formulate proper sentences. These interactions help students improve their language skills and develop adequate listening skills.

4) Physical development

Another benefit of enrolling your child in preschool is the wide range of extracurricular activities. Pre-school teachers prepare different games that keep the students active and enhance their motor skills. The students learn to stay fit and healthy from a young age. GIIS Bangalore also has scholarships that support talented students. Your child can discover and nurture their talents from a young age. When they transition to the primary school level, you can apply for scholarships that help them access affordable education.

5) Love for knowledge

Research has proven that pre-school education can lay a firm foundation for your child. Students who receive early education have the potential to transform into productive and responsible adults. The minds of children under six years have not developed. They are still learning new patterns and behaviours. Therefore, pre-school teachers can mould them and instill proper moral values that can benefit them even in adulthood.

Playschool encourages students to become curious and develop a deep love for education and learning new things, preparing them for admission to the best CBSE schools in Bangalore. The love for knowledge can last a lifetime. Hope these reasons helped you understand why enrolling your child in a preschool is the right step.

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