The featured snippets were found to be in evidence that exceeds the first position of the SERP. They are known as zero position and can increase blog visits. That’s why it’s important to understand how to have Google Featured Snippets.

Mountain View doesn’t give exact information on how to get featured snippets. At most, you can deactivate them but not highlight them through direct procedures.

The process is always automated. But some copywriting techniques can help you understand how to capture zero results for your blog or site.

The topics of the post

  • Create bulleted lists in your articles
  • Give clear definitions of a theme
  • Answer a question right away
  • Create a table with numbers and data

Create bulleted lists in your articles

One of the best ways to win featured snippets and capture zero results for your articles: add bulleted or numbered lists.

Google, in fact, takes into great consideration the possibility of inserting featured snippets based on items inserted in the bullet list. Useful aspect?

The Google snippet is able to extrapolate the entries even if they are not in the form of a list. In order to facilitate the task, if it deems it necessary, Google identifies the items useful for the answer and puts them in the foreground. Do you want to facilitate this process?

You can use the classic formatting to create bulleted lists or, better yet, use a table of content to create a navigation menu at the beginning of the post composed of the various H2 and H3. Which obviously must meet the search intent. Or?

How to have featured snippets with a bulleted list

To be able to get the result in evidence you need to identify a query that, internally, needs a bulleted list. If I type the question ” which are the best books for copywriters ” it is normal to answer with a bulleted list, you would also do it verbally. The solutions to have this result in HTML terms?






You can easily manage with the classic code for bulleted lists. Or you use headers to organize paragraphs and install a plugin to create an internal menu.

So this is your job: think of bulleted lists as something useful for the user, able to answer a specific question. Without forcing your hand.

Give clear definitions of a theme

Another featured snippet that we find in the SERP is the one that extracts a block of text and inserts it in the zero results. How to get featured snippets?

Look at the example, you may already have information. In general, Google prefers paragraphs of text of around 60 words, divided into short sentences to better manage the snippet. Is able to use language appropriate to the context of the definition.

How to have featured snippets with the definition

Of course, even in this case, there is no certainty of result, but when you deal with an article that deals with a topic, for example, the entry of a FAQ or the classic vertical pillar article on a topic, try to give a definition immediately.

The presence of the featured snippet linked to the definition is not linked to the length of the article but to the fact that it is possible to give a simple and immediate answer.

Tools that help you find reader’s questions

To have the results in evidence of this type, however, you need the raw material, the questions. In these cases, you can enrich keyword research with a series of very interesting tools. Semrush has long been introducing the most followed questions than a keyword, but in these cases, you can use Answer The Public.

Or take advantage of the box People have also searched that it sometimes appears in the SERP. And if you want to force your hand to extrapolate the questions you can use the Keyword Everywhere browser extension that suggests related and questions for each query.

Answer a question right away

There is a featured snippet similar to the definition but with a very important conceptual difference: the dry question that demands an equally direct answer.

As you can see the zero results is reduced, it is not a real paragraph. You can also try to get such a featured result by identifying a direct question and leaving an answer. Which should be simple, straightforward.

How to have featured snippets with answers

Use few, simple, definitive words. Better if on a single period. There is a point to add: is it really convenient? Sometimes not, because precisely this type of highlighted result satisfies every possible curiosity. Whoever seeks the answer finds it.

And don’t click. Especially when Google so obviously extrapolates the answer. It becomes completely unnecessary to have a featured snippet so, at least there is this risk.

Create a table with numbers and data

This is a nice featured snippet. It is a collection of numbers and data that is organized in the form of a table to answer questions before clicking on the snippet link. This is the form in which the zero results are presented.

How does this zero result work? Simple and clear, Google extrapolates numbers and data organization and reports what is needed in the highlighted result.

Add a link if there are other banned entries, the link takes you to the article page. In these cases, I have seen the barest and textless pages take the first position: a sign that form and substance are increasingly important.

You have to understand what people want, but above all how to organize the data. It is not enough to write a lot, you have to do it in order to optimize the use.

How to get featured snippets with table

When there is information to be organized in a schematic way, that is to say on multiple columns and rows, you need to create a textual table. Not a PNG graphic.

This can be achieved easily if you use WordPress Gutenberg because you can use the table block which is easy to use. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the HTM L code :







There are dozens of WordPress plugins that allow you to create blog tables without wasting time with code. If you have a great need to create these formats you can always use www.tablesgenerator.com which allows you to create HTML tables.

Now, in your opinion, is it easy to replicate all this? If you have questions and curiosities, leave everything in the comments, and let’s tackle the topic dedicated to zero results together.


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