4 Best Places For Weddings In UK

Preparing for a wedding is a lot of hassle, but there is fun in it – you’re preparing for one of the most important days in someone’s life and that is always a special thing. The fact that this person is your closest friend or cousin further makes it an extremely thrilling yet taxing experience of your life. While there are countless different things you need to take of while planning a wedding,

we have only focused on one particular aspect of it – the venue! No matter how great your arrangements are or how good-looking the wedding dress is, unless the venue gives off that romantic vibe to make a wedding look like one, the day won’t feel like one. For a perfect wedding day, you need a place like Haymans cottage for a wedding or something similar.

If you’re getting married, or a best man planning for a wedding of your loved ones, you probably would need to finalize a venue in the early stages of your preparations. It is where this article will help you out. We have listed a few of our favorite wedding venues from personal experience. The following wedding venues can be an excellent option for you to consider.

#1: The Carlowrie Castle

If the bride and groom wants to live a fairy tale moment on their special day, then there couldn’t be a better venue than the Carlowrie Castle. As the name indicates, it is a castle that has spread across a staggering 32 acres with a perfect mix of vintage and story-like ambience. Although this is an excellent place to host a wedding, it is best if you have a large guest list since the castle walls can host over 400 people.

With the pandemic in mind, we reckon it will not be the best idea to call in four hundred guests for an event, but still, if you’re reading this at a post-COVID-19 time, and have a large social circle, you may opt for this magnificent castle.

#2: The Hunters Hall

Although it is not as great as the Haymans cottage for wedding, we would still call the Hunters Hall is one of our favorites when it comes to wedding venues. The hall boasts a Victorian theme which is simply hard to forget (we know we haven’t) which makes your wedding not just unique, but also extremely magnificent.

Another aspect of this hall that makes it an excellent wedding venue is the rustic colors this places has going throughout. Accompanied by the wooden beams, the combination makes for a great venue to tie the knot.

#3: Haymans Cottage For Wedding

Personally, we believe that this is the most practical place to host a wedding. The fact that it is accompanied by serene nature that surrounds the place makes it one of our absolute favorites when it comes to hosting a wedding. The Haymans cottage for wedding also has a barn where you can choose to host the event in a more cultural manner with Scottish traditions intact.

The thing about haymans cottage for a wedding is that it doesn’t stop at the pristine views and a culturally alive place to tie the knot – you will also be able to get five luxurious rooms to enjoy your pre-wedding nights with friends and family. The rooms can host multiple people with different capacities and are a perfect way to call your closest friends and family and make some memorable pre-wedding moments as you stay there. With breathtaking views, rooms to stay, affordable prices, and a feel to perfectly replicate a destination wedding, we believe that the Haymans cottage for wedding was, and still is, our absolute favorite wedding venue in the UK.

#4: Raven Hall Country House Hotel

Among the many great venues for women is the Raven Hall Country House Hotel. The place allows you to tie the knot at multiple locations (hosting the event inside may be temporarily closed due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation). The outdoor setting of this place a also accompanied by beautiful nature that will make you “I dos” even more memorable, not to mention the breathtaking shots that you will be able to take, especially if you tie the know right before sunset.

The point is, Raven Hall’s cliff-top views are majestic, and it’s house hotel provides a perfect place to stay for those who have traveled to attend your big day celebrations.

In A Nutshell

There are so many exquisite places in the UK where you can tie the knot, but the abovementioned while like the Raven Hall and the Haymans cottage for wedding are our absolute favorites. It is because such places bring the romantic natural vibe that makes a wedding more majestic, while keeping you away from a city’s buzz. Our abovementioned picks also let you enjoy pre-wedding celebrations with your loved ones as you can book rooms and be present at the venue from a few nights before!

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