3 Things to consider when changing your corporate secretary

Singapore is home to many different businesses from many different industries. This is why it has one of the most stable active and successful economies all over the world. For years, its economy has been supported by these businesses from industries like mining, engineering, food and beverages, technology, and even healthcare. These businesses thrive in Singapore as it has one of the most open market economies not just in Asia but also in the world. 

Over the years, it has exhibited a supportive environment when it comes to conducting business and other transactions. However, Singapore observes the strict implementation of its laws and policies when it comes to these corporations. One of these laws and regulations is the proper way of company incorporation Singapore procedure. This is important for the government to keep track and tab of everything business-related. One of the other policies is hiring a corporate secretary Singapore staff. The corporate secretary Singapore personnel is required due to many reasons. That is also why there are many things to consider before you can change your corporate secretary.

Importance of a secretary

Law compliance

Since a corporate secretary Singapore staff is required by the law, hiring one is a way of complying with the law. The companies act Singapore acquires a secretary because it plays a lot of roles in the operations of a company. There are many legal documents that only a corporate secretary can process.

A corporate secretary also ensures low compliance through other things. one of these things is making sure the company incorporation Singapore procedure was done properly. Although, a company is given six months after the company incorporation Singapore process to hire a company secretary.

Tracking of corporate goals

A corporate secretary basically looks at the overall state of the company. They are the ones to keep track of every progress and everything that is happening in the business. This is why a corporate secretary can keep track of goals and know which parts of the company need to be improved. This way the progress of the company is continuous after the company incorporation Singapore procedure.


A corporate secretary Singapore staff cannot be fulfilled by any individual. They are usually trained professionals that are fit to do the job. That is why certain qualifications should be met before hiring one. Due to this, the secretary is fit enough to be an advisor as well. Aside from processing documents like the company incorporation Singapore procedure, they can also contribute to the growth of the company. Since they are the ones that can see everything that is happening inside the company, they have an overview of how the company works. That is why their opinions and advice are valuable as well.

Things to note when changing a company secretary

Required documents by the government

Since the corporate secretary Singapore staff is required personnel by the Singaporean government, it also requires many intricate documents when you want to change one. These documents should be submitted and settled before you can successfully change our company secretary. Your corporate secretary Singapore officer should formally resign from the position for it to be considered vacant and allow a new one. There are also certain documents that need to be submitted and inform ACRA about the change that is going to happen in the company. Just like how strict the company incorporation Singapore processes are, changing a company secretary also takes time and a lot of legal documents.

Past experience

When you can already formerly change a secretary, you can all look at the characteristics and qualities that they possess. One of the most important characteristics of a corporate secretary Singapore personnel is the past experience or training that they’ve had. The importance and roles of a company secretary were already discussed and these are just a few things that the company secretary must fulfill. That is why proper training and a lot of experience is required and preferable when you hire a corporate secretary Singapore personal.


The rates of the corporate secretary Singapore staff should also be taken into consideration. Individuals who have more experience and training can be paid more. The company is usually paying for the assured efficiency and effectiveness of the corporate secretary Singapore staff.

Need help?

Changing a company secretary may be as hard as the company incorporation Singapore processes.  A third-party firm is recommended to hire a third-party firm to supply the company with secretarial services. WLP Group can help you easily find a reliable corporate secretary Singapore staff. Contact us today to know more about our secretarial services.

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