3 Secret Yoga Asana to Improve Lower Back Pain

There are mornings where you wake up, and your day starts with numbness and pain in your lower back.

The feeling of discomfort and ache has a medicinal terminology to it, which is known as chronic back pain.

You should not be bewildered if your child someday complaints about his back pain, because it has become common with people of different age groups.

The cause of lower back pain is not only associated with backache, but it is also interlinked with the quality of life, psychological reasons, and physical disability.

Most pain bearers have tried high dose medicinal treatment and therapeutic sessions, but the outcome was not in total favor of recovery.

However, on the other hand, there were people with back pain issues who opted for yoga sessions, and they got positive output.

Few of the trusted resources have said that yoga is known for linking body functioning with psychological symptoms.

In this article, you will get to know yoga’s uses in healing lower back pain and some yoga asana, which will act as a tip to relieve your lower back pain.

Table of Content:

  • Introduction
  • Yoga – a shield against lower back pain
  • 3 yoga asana for overcoming chronic lower back pain
  • Sphinx Pose
  • Dog Pose
  • Cat Pose


Let’s Begin

Yoga – A Shield Against Lower Back Pain

Yoga incorporates stretching, strengthening, and flexing the muscles, which helps the body functioning properly and relieve soreness.

If you go deeper into the meaning of the word yoga, it means “yoking,” which clearly indicates joining together or integration.

Yoga helps develop a straight posture, which helps tighten the muscles and provide support to your back.

Doing yoga regularly will help align your body, mind, and emotions on the same string, giving you peace.

3 Yoga Asana for Overcoming Chronic Lower Back Pain

Here is the healthiest gift you can give to your body by incorporating yoga into your daily routine.

I have listed the simplest yet effective three forms of yoga, which can be practiced by both CLBP people and Non- CLBP people.

Sphinx Pose: Long working hours can lead to flattened back muscles. To help rejuvenate and bring back the natural curve sphinx pose is effective in nature.

This asana is known for relaxing lower back pain and is recommended for people with sciatica issues. If you have any type of pain you can purchase soma online

Steps to perform Spinx pose:

  • Take your position on the mat, lay down on your stomach, while keeping the legs in a straight direction.
  • Take a deep breath, keep your legs stiff and lift your chest above the ground level, with the help of your arms.
  • Do keep your hips, legs, and feet in contact with the ground while aligning your elbow beneath your shoulder.
  • Resume back to normal laying, after holding this position for five seconds.
  • Alright, once you are comfortable with this asana, you can increase this pose by holding it for 30 seconds.

Dog Pose: It may sound weird, but it is actually effective. Tighten leg muscles is one of the pain instigators in your back.

This pose can make you stretch and flex your calves and hamstrings, which gives comfort to your back.

Steps to perform dog pose:

  • Keep your legs and hands on the floor.
  • Align your hands beneath your wrist and your knees beneath your hips.
  • Put an added pressure on your hands while tucking your toes and raising your knees.
  • Face your butt towards the ceilings.
  • Make your knees slightly bent and extend your tailbone and spine.
  • Maintain the firmness of your hand while keeping your heels off the ground
  • Take care of your head’s alignment with your arms, and evenly distribute your body weight at both sides.
  • Ensure to hold this position for a minute or two.

Cat Pose:  This exercise is surely efficient for relieving back pain and is also easy for beginners to practice.

Cat pose is one of my favorite asanas to do in the morning ritually; it promotes your spine’s flexibility by engaging mobility and relieving stress from your lower back.

Steps to perform cat pose:

  • Alignment should be straight, keeping your arms beneath your shoulder and knees under your hip.
  • Keep your vision on the floor while keeping your spine straight towards your head.
  • Now is the time to go by pose name, move your body in a cat pose.
  • Keep your back in a rounded form, while lifting your spine towards the upper ceiling.
  • Practice this fewer times, making your body adaptive to the pose.


Yoga is an authentic way of treating your back pain and keeping your body healthy in general, without the need for a doctor’s assistance or consumption of high power medications.

There were days when I was struggling with back pain, and I could not walk for more than 1000 steps, then I incorporated yoga into my morning rituals.

And yes, it has helped me in real-time; therefore, I highly recommend all my readers to take your time out from your busy schedule and give at least 20 minutes to do yoga every morning.

Yoga kind of help in creating miracles, which usually no other treatment can give you.

It will help your rusted muscles to be flexible, which will benefit you in the long run.


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